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Car Pool Map/Traffic

Car Pool Map/Traffic

Car Pool Map/Traffic


The driveway in front of Del Rey has 3 traffic lanes:
Lane 1 is used for drop off and pick up.
Lane 2 is used only during afternoon pick up.
Lane 3 is to be kept clear for traffic circulation at all times.


  • Be very careful of all pedestrians and traffic patrol!
  • Drop off & pick-up children only in the designated area between the two yellow lines.
  • Keep traffic moving - if your child is not ready, please pull out and park.
  • Kiss your child good-bye before you reach school - have them ready to leave the car quickly accompanied by traffic patrol or teacher.
  • Remain in car while doors are opened for your children.
  • Remain in car at pickup time as children are escorted by traffic patrol or teacher.


  • Block pedestrian crosswalk.
  • Leave your car unattended
  • Block neighborhood driveways or park on sidewalks.
  • Turn around in driveways or drop off children in yards or driveways.
  • Use cell phones in the carpool lane.
Thank you for your cooperation to insure the safety of our children!
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