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Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program is open to fourth and fifth grade students at Orinda's four elementary schools. There are currently 170 students playing in Band or Orchestra. The beginning classes are only open to fourth graders due to the complex pullout schedule. Fifth graders are required to have a year of experience on the instrument in order to play in the fifth grade band.
The instruments that are taught include clarinet, flute, saxophone, trumpet/cornet, violin and cello. If a student is interested in playing the trombone, they must be taking concurrent private lessons. Percussion is currently not taught at school. However, experienced drummers who can read drum scores are welcomed to play with the fifth grade band. If a child has a year or more of experience on another band instrument such as oboe, french horn, etc., he/she is welcome to join the band.. 

Instrumental Music is a pull-out program that takes place during the regular school day. Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes. Students are expected to practice at home for 80 minutes a week.
If a student wishes to play in the instrumental music program at OIS, they must have either two years of elementary music, one year of private lessons or the consent of the instructors.

Early in the school year there is an Introduction to Band assembly at which the various instruments will be demonstrated to the fourth graders and returning fifth graders. A sign-up sheet goes home to all fourth and fifth graders with further information about instrument rentals, method books, etc.

Playing an instrument takes responsibility and discipline. Having enough time to practice while also completing schoolwork and other activities is a key consideration.

During the school year the Band and Orchestra perform at school assemblies. Students who have practiced regularly and have demonstrated proficiency will be invited to the annual district band concert at MIramonte. 



Tue, Wagner Ranch


Wed, Glorietta


Thu, Del Rey


Fri, Sleepy Hollow




Thank you to Educational Foundation of Orinda for their continued support of OUSD's music and art programs.